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Terracota Army, Great Wall and Cruise to Japan

Here at Adore we love putting together bucket list places and destinations and below is an offer that we are really excited about and have not put together before.

Your holiday starts with a flight to Shanghai, where you will board the new stunning ship of Spectrum of the Seas. You have 5 nights fullboard cruise to Japan. Once back in Shanghai you then have a full 8 nigt Escorted tour on a full board basis. Details of the itinerary are below


Discover the imperial treasures of Beijing

Explore the Great Wall of China

Experience the spectacular Terracotta Warriors

Wander Zhujiajiao Canal Town

Soak up the atmosphere in vibrant Shanghai

Whats included in the tour

  • Return international economy flights, taxes and current fuel surcharges (unless a land only option is selected)
  • All accommodation
  • All meals
  • All sightseeing and entrance fees
  • All transportation and transfers
  • English speaking National Escort (if your group is 10 or more passengers) and Local Guides
  • Visa fees for UK passport holders
  • Destination Guide

    Old Town and Yu Gardens – The old town of Shanghai, where cobbled streets are lined with traditional shops selling herbal medicines, handicrafts, Chinese tea and a variety of tantalising snacks, is the original centre of Shanghai and for decades was the seat of Chinese authority in Shanghai.
    The Yu Gardens is seen as one of the most perfect examples of Chinese garden style. Built by the Ming-era governor, Pan Yunduan, as a retirement gift for his father, the Yu Gardens is home to exquisite jade rock, koi-filled ponds and stunning, tranquil pavilions.
    The Bund – Recognised as Shanghai's former 'Wall Street', the Bund is home to an impressive collection of buildings from the early trade houses of the 1850s to the glamorous Art Deco modernism of the 1920s. Originally the home of the foreign population of Shanghai, the Bund’s architecture has inherited much western influence and is a stark contrast to the Pudong skyline, sitting across the Huangpu River.
    Silk Factory – The Silk Factory is an educational journey through the production of silk, one of China’s mostfamous and luxurious materials. Learn about the use of silkworms and silk moths in its production; the manufacturing process; as well as silk’s journey along the Silk Road which brought this product across Asia and Europe.
    Huangpu River Cruise – There is no better way to see the juxtaposition of eras in Shanghai’s history than by taking a cruise on the Huangpu River. At night, the dazzling colours and lights from Pudong shine bright onto the more modest twilight of the Bund.
    Zhujiajiao – One of Shanghai’s sleepy water towns, Zhujiajiao is built on an old canal system once used to transport goods all over imperial China. The town’s alleyways exude old-world charm, whilst the waterways are lined with ancient buildings and crossed by stone bridges.
    Shanghai Museum – One of the most esteemed and acclaimed museums in China, the Shanghai Museum has a comprehensive collection of ancient Chinese art. Sprawled over five floors, one could spend half, if not a full day in this comprehensive museum. The shape of the museum was designed to resemble a Chinese vessel,known as a Ding. People’s Square – Home to the Shanghai Museum, People’s Square is an ideal centre for people to meet,do tai chi and take part in dance classes.


    Xian – Xian has long played a pivotal role in China’s extensive history and has been a thriving hub for cultural exchange, economic trade as well as national politics for centuries. Home to some of China’s most ancient sights, diverse architecture and delicious fares, Xian is a must-see destination.

    Little Wild Goose Pagoda – Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, the Little Wild Goose Pagoda is one of two prominent pagodas in Xian. A former centre for translating Buddhist scriptures from India, the Little Wild Goose Pagoda was said to have survived one of the strongest earthquakes in world history.
    Muslim Quarter – The Muslim Quarter is the hub of Xian’s Islamic community and is home to many stalls selling a myriad of snack foods, a trove of silks and fabrics, and delightful oriental knick-knacks.

    Terracotta Warriors – One of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, this unearthed terracotta army is comprised of over 7,000 soldiers, horses and chariots. The army was built in life-sized form by thousands of workers and designed by Emperor Qin Shi Huang to defend himself in the afterlife.
    Xian Art Ceramics and Lacquer Exhibition Workshop – See smaller versions of the enigmatic Terracotta Warriors being created at the captivating Xian Art Ceramics and Lacquer Exhibition Workshop; even purchase your own portable soldier. Ancient city walls – Dating back to the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, the Xian ancient city wall is one of the best preserved urban fortifications in China. The wall’s ideal spot and layout gives visitors a bird’s eye view over this fantastic city. Follow the locals’ example and take a bike ride to get an ever more spectacular experience.
    Tang Dynasty Dancing show – Xian, previously known as Chang’an, was an important cultural and historical centre in not only China but in the known-world. The Tang Dynasty Dancing show is an exciting exponent of this prosperous society and keeps alive the splendour of the period.


    Beijing – Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. With its unequalled wealth of history, Beijing served as the centre for the many different empires and cultures that ruled China and has been the heart of politics and society throughout its long history. The ancient monuments, the stories of days gone by as well as the dynamic and modern city Beijing has become today, make it a destination not to be missed.
    Hutongs – The Mongol rulers of Beijing established this style of housing in the 13th century as tenancy for the growing population of the city. Hutongs were designed to reflect the Chinese system of Feng Shui with four hutongs joining together to make a courtyard in the middle, known as Siheyuan. In more recent times, the hutong suburbs were in jeopardy of disappearing, but a fierce debate between developers and those who fought to protect the architecture and the hutong way of life diminished the threat.
    Tiananmen Square – Built under the guidance of Chairman Mao Zedong, Tiananmen Square is one of the largest public squares in the world, said to hold a capacity crowd of over one million. It houses not only the Monument to the People’s Heroes, it is also the final resting place of Chairman Mao himself in the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.
    Forbidden City – The sacred centre of the Chinese empire for 500 years and home to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Forbidden City is a vast complex of over 900 buildings and covers an area of 180 acres. Since 1987, the Forbidden City has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its palatial architectural style has been an influence on many imperial buildings throughout Asia.
    Temple of Heaven – Set in a 267-hectare park surrounded by a long wall and with a gate at each compass point, the Temple of Heaven is absolutely unique. It is one of the most perfect examples of Ming architecture. The Temple of Heaven was created as a place of worship for the Emperors, who would ask for prosperity, longevity and good harvest for the people. Walking through the park we will see the many groups of local people that gather here every day to sing folk songs, practice Tai-Chi and sword dancing, play chess or just come to sit and chat. Chinese Acrobatics – Chinese Acrobatics incorporates many forms of dramatic art, including acrobatics, contortionism, juggling and plate spinning.
    Great Wall of China – Originally built under the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, The Great Wall of China is the country’s most iconic sight. Snaking through the northern countryside from the Gobi Desert in the west into the Bohai Sea in the east, the Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world and was used as a fortification against northern nomadic tribes. The current structure dates back to the Ming Dynasty - over 700 years old.
    Summer Palace – The former holiday retreat of the Qing emperors, the Summer Palace is a stunning example of Chinese garden style. The Summer Palace incorporates the Fengshui notion of ‘Mountain’ and ‘Water’, seen here with tranquil Kunming Lake and magnificent Longevity Hill. A favourite resort of the Empress Dowager Cixi, the Summer Palace is home to a stunning Marble Boat and the Long Corridor, one of the longest outdoor passageways in the world. Jade Factory – Learn about one of China’s most symbolic and important materials: jade, at this comprehensive factory. Learn how to spot real jade, watch artisans at work carving this precious stone, and even buy a piece to take home yourself.


    Escorted Tour of China, Terracota Army and Brand new ship cruise to Japan

    Royal Caribbean
    Cruise Ship
    Spectrum Of The Seas
    Departure Date
    18 Nov 2019
    15 Nights

    Inside: £2399.00
    Outside: £2499.00
    Balcony: £2599.00

    Ports of call:Fly overnight to Shanghai, Board Spectrum of the Seas, Fukuoka, Japan, Kumamoto, Japan, Arrive Shanghai and transfer to hotel for Escorted Tour, 3 nights stay tours include the Bund, Old Town and Yu Gardens , Silk Factory and Huangpu River Cruise , Day Trip to Zhujiajiao, Fly to Xian - Day trip to Little Wild Wood Pagoda and Muslim Quarter, Xian - Terracotta Warriors, Fly Xian to Beijing - Rickshaw Ride through the Hutongs, dinner with a local family, Beijing, Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City , Great Wall of China, Fly home ,
      • Includes 5 nights cruise to Japan
      • Includes 8 nights escorted tour of Shanghai, Beijing and Xian and tours
      • Fullboard on both elements - See the Terracotta Army

    Call FREE on 0800 954 1544 or enquire to book



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